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Top Activities Around Beaver Lake

Tucked away in the scenic Ozark Mountains of Arkansas is Beaver Lake. Fed by the White River, the lake has 487 miles of natural shoreline. Surrounded by verdant forests, limestone bluffs, and natural caverns, Beaver Lake is an excellent outdoor destination year round.

A few interesting facts about the lake: The US Army Corp of Engineers built the dam at White River that regulates the flow of water into the lake. Below the waters of the lake is a submerged town, once called Monte Ne. Adventurous scuba divers can explore the old town to this day.

All in all, there are plenty of activities to enjoy at Beaver Lake. For those who have never seen the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas, well, you're in for a great outdoor experience.


Anglers love Beaver Lake for its clear water and fast-paced fishing action. With nearly 500 miles of shoreline and 28,370 acres, the lake supports a thriving population of various fish species. Within the pristine waters of Beaver Lake are fish species such as: striper, bass, trout, crappie, bream, channel and spoonbill catfish. Enough variety to challenge the skill of any fisherman.

Anglers can take advantage of artificial shelters around the lake, which help boost fish populations and tournament success. The size of the lake encourages anglers to seek the deep areas of the lake for trophy sized stripers. But don't discount fishing from the banks, as there are many public areas with great water access. 


Boating at Beaver Lake is a perfect summer activity. The lake's calm, open waters are perfect for beginners to activities like tubing, waterskiing, and wakeboarding. Though the lake is a popular summer destination for boaters, you don't have to worry about crowds, since the size of the lake has enough room for all.

With several marinas and launching sites, boat access to the lake is easy. If you need extra supplies or skis, the marinas have rentals, food, drinks, sunblock and more.

Scuba Diving

Surprisingly, Beaver Lake in Arkansas draws a lot of folks who like to scuba dive. Scuba divers are attracted to the lake because of its sparkling water and picturesque underwater scenes.

The "Lost Bridge Marina" in Beaver Lake is a popular site that gives divers a unique chance to investigate a sunken houseboat and a submerged airplane. The houseboat sits at a depth of about 50 feet, while the plane rests at 65 feet, with both now habitats for a selection of fish, like bass, bluegill, and catfish.

A favorite dive spot in Beaver Lake is "Horsehead Wall," which has an approximate depth of 130 feet. The wall has amazing rock formations, plus areas where the rock hangs over, giving divers an impressive sight of natural wonder.

Beaver Lake in Arkansas is not only a magnificent spot for fishing but also for scuba diving. The lake's crystal water and beautiful underwater scenery make it a popular destination for scuba divers.

For divers of all levels, Beaver Lake is a unique and beautiful lake perfect for divers who can't get to the ocean every day.

Kayaking/Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

For those who want a more peaceful lake experience, kayaking or stand-up paddle boarding are the way to go. With its many coves, inlets, and rivers that feed into it, the lake offers a wealth of wildlife and gorgeous views as kayakers traverse the waters of Beaver Lake.

The lake boasts several spots where kayakers can launch out into the water, including Hickory Creek Marina, Prairie Creek Marina, and Lost Bridge Marina. Renting kayaks is available at these marinas, as well as other amenities like restrooms and fishing supplies.

Kayaking and paddle boarding on Beaver Lake is a great way to enjoy the beauty of the Ozarks through a peaceful, relaxing outdoor activity.

Is Beaver Lake Worth It?

If the amount of people spending their summer days on the lake, camping, staying in a cabin, or just hanging out is any indication...then yes, Beaver Lake is a great place for summer fun. The area has scenic beauty, with the Ozark Mountains making a magnificent backdrop to the lake, and you can do just about any outdoor activity you can think of. Arkansas is known as the Natural State, so get out this summer and enjoy all of that nature.