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Scenic Drives near Eureka Springs

Near Eureka Springs, you'll find some of Arkansas' most beautiful and exciting scenic drives. Four of the best–Pig Trail Scenic Byway, Highway 187, Scenic Byway 7, and War Eagle Drive–are described below. For more information about scenic drives in our area, give us a call.

Pig Trail Scenic Byway

  • Distance: 19 miles

The Pig Trail is an historic 52-mile stretch of highway that runs from Fayetteville, Arkansas to Ozark, Arkansas. Pig Trail Scenic Byway is a 19-mile picturesque section of the Pig Trail.

Pig Trail Scenic Byway is considered one of the top ten motorcycle rides in the country. Many folks consider it the best. The ride starts in the southeastern part of Ozark National Forest and follows State Highway 23 to Brashears, Arkansas. It twists, turns and zigzags through the heart of the forest's Boston Mountains. Along the way, you pass over the Mulberry River, one of the Ozarks most wild and unspoiled rivers, and a couple of beautiful waterfalls. Pig Trail Falls is an 18-foot waterfall that's just off the highway near Turner Bend Outfitter. The Waterfall at Turner Bend is a few feet into the woods behind the Turner Bend Outfitter parking lot. Both waterfalls are definitely worth taking a few minutes to explore.

By the way, a A pit stop at Turner Bend Outfitter is apparently a rite of passage when you travel Pig Trail Scenic Byway. Stop in, and pick up a memento for proof that you actually traveled the route.

Arkansas Highway 187

  • Distance: 16.5 miles (25 miles round trip)

Arkansas Highway 187 is a well-known 16.5-mile section of the Eureka Springs Loop, a 25-mile loop that also includes Highway 23 and Highway 62. The round trip is pretty simple. From downtown Eureka Springs, take Highway 23 north to Highway 187 near Beaver, Arkansas. Follow Highway 187 to Highway 62, and take Highway 62 back to Eureka Springs.

Arkansas Highway 187 passes by a number of landmarks you'll want to spend a while exploring, including Beaver Town Bridge and Beaver Dam Overlook. Beaver Town Bridge (Little Golden Gate), an unusual one-lane suspension bridge that spans the White River at Table Rock Lake. Beaver Dam Overlook is a great location to view Beaver Lake and the White River Valley. For a different perspective, you can head down to the Beaver Dam Observation Area and view the dam from the bottom.

Arkansas Scenic Byway 7

  • Distance: 290 miles

Arkansas Scenic Byway 7 is the major part of Arkansas Highway 7, the longest state highway in Arkansas. The byway covers around 290 miles, from El Dorado, Arkansas near the Louisiana state line to Diamond City, Arkansas near the Missouri state line. To access the byway from Eureka Springs, head out Highway 62 to Harrison, Arkansas. From there, head south to Jasper, Arkansas. This 20-mile section of road is very demanding, with plenty of twists and turns that will require your full attention. Past Jasper, the route smooths out quite a bit, and the views are fantastic.

War Eagle Drive

  • Distance: 53.6 miles

War Eagle Ride runs over 53 miles from Eureka Springs to War Eagle Mill in War Eagle, Arkansas. The route is uncomplicated. From Eureka Springs, simply head south on Highway 23 and take a right on Highway 12. Follow Highway 12 to War Eagle Mill.

War Eagle Ride takes you past a number of well-known Arkansas attractions, including Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge, Hobbs State Park, and, of course, War Eagle Mill. Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge is a sanctuary for dozens abused or abandoned big cats. Hobbs State Park is Arkansas' largest state park, covering over 12,000 acres near the southern part of Beaver lake. War Eagle Mill is a fully functioning water-powered gristmill. The mill has a number of historical exhibits, as well as an onsite store and restaurant.