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Discover Blue Spring Heritage Center

Eureka Springs has been home to the Blue Spring Heritage Center for generations, and it's a natural wonder that never fails to impress visitors.This incredible attraction holds a gorgeous blue spring that pumps out 38 million gallons of water every day, where it fills a trout-laden lagoon and provides the White River with some of the best water around. Blue Spring is more than a tourist spot - it's a spiritual oasis and community.

For thousands of years, Blue Spring has been sacred ground for American Indian tribes, who put aside their differences when they entered the area. The water's energy and power became a magnet for activity that fed the spirit, healed physical and emotional wounds, and helped build a community. Today, visitors can still feel the sense of reverence and wonder that has drawn people to Blue Spring for centuries.

Medicine Wheel Garden

The gardens are a manifestation of nature's grandeur. The Medicine Wheel Garden is a prime example of the center's commitment to showcasing the spiritual practices of many Native American nations. Arranged in a circular pattern with four sections representing the four sacred cycles of life, this garden includes healing herbs and native plants.
The Medicine Wheel circle, with its endless lessons of wisdom, is a special place where visitors can experience the intimate connection between all living things. It's a setting where you can connect with the natural world and appreciate the beauty of creation. So come and visit the Medicine Wheel Garden at Blue Spring Heritage Center and be inspired by the wisdom and spirituality of the Native American cultures

Three Sisters Garden

Nature never ceases to amaze with its intricate interdependence. The Three Sisters Garden is a prime example of how plants work together to create a harmonious ecosystem. This garden is not just a visual treat, but a lesson in sustainability and cooperation.

Traditionally, American Indians planted pole beans and squash with corn. This unique gardening technique is known as companion planting, where different crops are planted together for mutual benefits. Here, the corn stalks provide support for the beans to climb, while the squash creates a natural mulch, keeping the moisture in the soil, nurturing all the plants. This trio of crops was named the "Three Sisters," each crop protecting and helping the other grow.

But the Three Sisters Garden is more than just a physical ecosystem. It represents the intimate connection between nature and spirituality in American Indian culture. Each crop is protected by one of the Three Sister spirits, representing different aspects of life - corn symbolizes sustenance, beans stand for friendship and support, and squash represents health and giving. This garden is a symbol of the deep spiritual beliefs and traditions of the Native American people, a reminder of the respect and reverence they have for the natural world.

Visiting the Three Sisters Garden is not just a delightful experience but also an educational one. The garden's design, and the crops it houses tell a story, a story of how people learned from nature and integrated that knowledge into their way of life. It's a reminder of how much we can learn from nature, too. So, next time you visit Blue Spring Heritage Center, don't skip the Three Sisters Garden, where you'll experience the beauty and wisdom of nature.

Woodland Gardens

Take a stroll along the winding walkways of the Woodland Gardens, where the beauty and wonder of nature will surround you. The gardens are home to a variety of native plants and trees, protected and sustained by the surrounding timber. It's a true celebration of the natural palette presented by the Ozark forests.

The Woodland Gardens not only offer a feast for the eyes but also a chance to connect with the natural world. As the great philosophers Thoreau and Emerson noted, spending time in nature is essential to understanding our relationship with the world. It's a chance to immerse yourself in the tranquility and beauty of nature.

The Woodland Gardens are remarkable for the way they transform with the passing of the seasons. In spring, the gardens burst with new life as trees and plants awaken from their winter slumber. Summer brings an explosion of colors and textures, while fall is a time of stunning beauty as the leaves change and the air takes on a crisp, cool edge. Even in winter, the Woodland Gardens have a quiet majesty all their own, as the stark beauty of bare trees and snow-covered paths offers a peaceful respite from the bustle of daily life.

If you're looking to explore the natural world and connect with the beauty and wonder of the Ozarks, a visit to the Woodland Gardens is an absolute must. Nature enthusiasts and those in need of relaxation alike can both take pleasure in the unique and enduring experience the gardens provide, and it will remain with you even after you have gone.

Weddings at Blue Spring

Looking for a picturesque and romantic venue for your big day? Search no further than the Blue Spring Heritage Center! This stunning natural attraction in Eureka Springs, Arkansas is a popular wedding venue, with a range of settings for ceremonies of all sizes. Whether you're dreaming of an intimate exchange of vows in a gazebo nestled among the flowers or a grand celebration with up to 500 guests on the Spring Terrace, the center's breathtaking beauty will make your special day unforgettable.

But it's not just the stunning backdrop that draws couples to the Blue Spring Heritage Center. The center's attentive staff and range of amenities make planning your wedding a breeze. Several of the wedding sites even offer space for your reception, eliminating the need to travel between venues and allowing you and your guests to fully immerse yourselves in the serene beauty of the Ozarks.

And when the festivities are over, the Blue Spring Heritage Center has many attractions for you and your new spouse to explore and unwind. Stroll along peaceful nature trails, wander through lush gardens, or simply relax and soak up the serene beauty of the natural world. The Blue Spring Heritage Center is the perfect destination for a wedding to remember.

Is it Worth a Visit?

Blue Spring Heritage Center is a stunning natural attraction giving visitors the chance to connect with nature, history, and spirituality. From the healing gardens inspired by American Indian traditions to the crystal-clear blue spring that pours out millions of gallons of water every day, this center is a true gem that should be on everyone's travel list. Whatever you're looking for, Blue Spring Heritage Center has something for everyone - city breaks or special events.