The phrase “rustic comfort” almost seems like a contradiction, but that’s just what you’ll get when you reserve a Treehouse at All Seasons Luxury Properties Treehouse Village. It is located down the hill from the other four properties (All Seasons Inn, Daffodil Cottage, Briarwood Lodge, and Piedmont House).  If your idea of “roughing it in the woods” includes Jacuzzi tubs, climate controlled environments, flat screen TVs, and free Wi-Fi, then the Treehouse Village is for you.

The Treehouses were built from inspiration derived from the properties’ adjacent creek and woodsy reserve. Their polished natural grain finishes, hardwood floors, and large functional windows bring in the beauty and splendor of the natural surroundings while keeping out any undesirables – like discomfort. This makes them the perfect location for a hassle free “retreat” for individuals, couples, families, or groups.

For those who like their nature experiences more intense, unique “under the Treehouse” outdoor living rooms, convenient covered front porches with porch swings, and generous back decks provide unparalleled opportunities for an up-close-and-personal view of nature (or the people strolling by on their way to town). Swinging from a hammock, watching the sun set at the end of a day after shopping in town (just a few blocks away) or hiking the trails behind the Treehouses is good medicine for just about any ailment.

Don’t forget that you can reserve for groups, too! Weddings, groups of friends, family reunions, corporate retreats and more.

The Treehouse Village provides the ideal combination of privacy and togetherness for any occasion.




For detailed suite amenities info, click the links below:

#1 Forest Glen

#2 Stoney Brook

#3 Cliffside Cottage

#4 Maywood

#5 Bluejay Cottage

#6 Glenbrook Cottage

#7 Sycamore Hollow


Below is a diagram of the Treehouse Village units depicting the styles of the buildings.