Briarwood Lodge

Not long ago, the Methodist church bell rang out from the intersection of Howell & Spring Streets, summoning Eureka residents to church in the historic building that now houses Briarwood Lodge.  When we bought the property, we dedicated ourselves to remodeling it with reverence for the sacred and historic legacy of the location, doing our best to ensure that Briarwood Lodge retains the nostalgic ties to its past.

To honor the roots of community and family the church planters began so long ago, we created a large ”Gathering Room” and comfortable breakfast area just perfect for coffee and conversation. Fun and fellowship never came so naturally. Families, couples traveling together, or friends taking a weekend road trip have group options galore in Briarwood Lodge.

Briarwood suites such as Lighthouse, Overlook, Music, and King Charles are gorgeous living spaces, but we also offer an impeccably appointed, stylish apartment with a full kitchen, three bedrooms, a living area, and numerous amenities for the discerning traveler who wants a transcendent Eureka Springs experience.



For detailed suite amenities info, click the links below:

Lighthouse Suite

Overlook Suite

The Apartment

Music Suite

King Charles Suite

Paris Suite


Below is a diagram depicting suite locations in the downtown hotel in Eureka Springs



Parking for all guests staying at All Seasons Inn, Daffodil Cottage, and Briarwood Lodge is provided in the parking lot off upper Spring Street, adjacent to All Seasons Inn. There are also two spaces located on upper Spring Street in front of Briarwood lodge on an unassigned, first come, first served basis. Parking for Piedmont House guests is provided behind the Piedmont House building.